Where To Get Free Perfume Samples

Getting a free perfume sample provides you with the perfect opportunity to try out a new scent.


Where To Find Free Perfume Samples


A majority of stores will let you try a new perfume out before purchasing it. This is particularly true at makeup counters in department stores. They might have scented cards, small vials of most of the more popular scents, or open bottles that can be used for testing the perfume right inside the store. However, to find samples, you don’t always have to go to one of the high-end retailers. Even local discount drugstores tend to have a couple of tester bottles available for testing. However, the more expensive that a perfume is, the less likely there will be a free open bottle available at a discount store to try out.



Another popular source for getting free perfume samples are magazines. Usually they can be found in full-page ads in a scent strip. Most women’s magazines feature perfume samples, however the more devoted the publication is to fashion, the greater the chances are of being able to experience a new scent in the magazine.


Gifts With Purchases

You might also get free perfume samples with a purchase as an added gift. That enables you to test out other perfumes from the same manufacturer or within the same line. These kinds of promotions are very popular close to the holidays as well as Valentine’s Day and other gift-giving times.



People are constantly searching for free samples, and they love sharing their finds online. There are some websites that list places where you can get free samples.

You can also directly visit your favorite perfume manufacturers websites to see if they have any samples they are offering or have a mailing list you can join to receive announcements on offers in the future.

Before you ask for free samples from any website like FreebieHuntersCanada, be sure it’s a site that you trust giving your contact information to. Usually when you request samples from a manufacturer directly it is safe. However, there are third-party websites that just want to get your email address to get you on their mailing list. Another thing you need to watch for is websites that make you sign up for other services with your credit card to get your free perfume sample. Usually these offers will try to entice you by offering an expensive brand name or high-value gift card. However, it isn’t worth the cost involved and your time in order to receive your “free” sample.


How To Test A Sample Perfume

A free perfume sample should always be tested on your body rather than just spraying the perfume into the air or sniffing a card. Subtle body chemistry differences can cause a perfume to smell somewhat difference on every person. Your body heat can also make the scent’s strength vary compared to just smelling it directly from the bottle.

It is highly recommended that a perfume you are trying out be worn for an extended time period. That will allow you to move pass your first impressions and see if the scent holds up over the entire evening.

When it comes to sampling, don’t over do it. If you sniff perfumes or spray them on your first for half an hour, you will just end up with a mixture of different smells. You might end up buying a perfume that you don’t like since you just smelled it combined with other various scents.


How To Use Extra Samples

At times you might get so many different perfume samples that you aren’t sure what to do with all of them. Here are some ways you can use extra samples:

  • Cards from magazines and perfume strips can be used as sachets that you can place inside your dresser drawers.
  • An assortment of different samples can be arranged inside a basket to make a nice gift.
  • Place them in your guest bathroom for your guests to use.
  • Give them away to friends.
  • Give samples to girls to use for dress-up play time.
  • Donate them along with other types of personal care items to a shelter.

You shouldn’t need to spend any of your hard-earned money on a perfume until you know exactly what it smells like. Fortunately, there are free perfume samples that are available that can help take all of the guesswork involved in choosing a perfume that is best for you.

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