Have a Baby? Enjoy These Freebies!

It is obvious for anyone who dive into this blog that I am often given products that I will keep in exchange for reviews. This sounds pretty cool, right? Well, not always. It can be tough to maintain a blog and remain successful. In fact, each of the products that I get will actually cost about 5 hours of my time as I sit at my computer, with two hours worth of taking pictures in action.

However, brands are not only going to be interested in bloggers. They are also very interested in anyone who is sporting a baby bump and rocking out in maternity jeans. Why? They are looking to become the top choice on your list when you are going to be in the market for baby wipes, nappies, baby shampoo and more. The freebies for pregnant women are very common and the brans are very happy to shower you with all sorts of samples, bump mail and vouchers to help wedge their names into that hormone filled brain of yours.

Actually, this is good news for everyone involved! Everyone loves to enjoy freebies, especially when you have already spent countless amounts of money on baby furniture, car seats, feeding systems and more. Yet, you are not a seasoned freeloader, right? Never worry, I will give you the help that you need. Just read further and you will learn all about the hottest freebies that are available online for both your baby and you.

There is a ton of the freebies out there, all of which are completely free and will give you coupons and goodies. All you have to do is register and enter your details as well as your baby’s. While your inbox may hate you for it, you will be able to get a ton of treats delivered right to your door.

The Top Three Picks

Emma’s Diary – This is a way that you can enjoy three different FREE gift packs at crucial stages of your pregnancy when you are a new mother and you sign up to be a member of Emma’s Diary. You will want to take a look at their free downloadable apps, which are also packed with a lot of calculators and useful tools.

Cow & Gate Pregnancy Club – Not only is there a helpful diary and a free cow to cuddle with, but C&G baby club also makes for the perfect companion to be there with you during your journey from baby bump to baby. These guys have all of the best mailings with all sorts of details on how your little one is evolving each week.

Your Baby Club – This is the new kid on the block and they cut right through all of the niceties and take you into all of the deals. They scour the internet for you each day to look for the right selection of mother and child freebies, offers, promotions and competitions so that you do not have to.

I am not suggesting that you make your way through comping sites on a daily basis, this is something that can be soul-destroying and the odds of winning are stacked against you. Let the other websites do this legwork for you!

Product Testing

While these can be hard to come by, there are websites and panels that will send you items so that you can test them out and offer up your reviews in exchange. This is a perfect way to get free items including breast pumps, sterilizers and much more. Most of the time, all of these items that you get to test out will be yours to keep.

When the product trial is over, you will usually have to fill out a particular questionnaire, offer detailed feedback in an email or leave comments in a forum or two. Just be sure that you go through and do these steps as requires so that you will be more likely to be invited to participate once again.

If there is a certain brand that you would like to work with, you should follow them on social media, while being sure that you comment on posts, ask them questions about products and really make yourself known. The chances are good that a brand may start to check out your own profiles and if they feel you are a good fit for testing, they may contact you for a trial.

Are you not big online? If so, you can look for customer care addresses of your favorite companies and send them a letter. If you have been impressed by a product you can tell them, which may get you items sent to your door as a thank you.

Good luck with these and have fun. Most importantly, you need to remember that the biggest gift is your child. Everything else is just product.

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